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the proof lies in the results


Matt L.

This pre-work is the bomb! Loaded with pure quality! I get an incredible pump from this stuff. I love it!

Bill T.

Made in the USA! They had me there. But their products are bad a! And they give back to vets like myself by always honoring a discount. They stand by those who sacrifice for us all, and to that I say, God bless King of the Jungle!

Luke W.

This stuff is legit! Ran the Spartan Beast with this and never cramped or lost any hydration flow. Felt amazing with the electrolyte formulation! And the Jungle Juice flavor is LIT! But I love all of the flavors too. Amazing stuff!

Ashley M.

I have tried every product that King of the Jungle has created. It is truly the Gold Star standard in supplements! Their formulations and no BS ingredients is what I trust to train for peak performance. Very impressed!